Introducing Pluot on your laptop

Easy, free video conferencing. No logins. No downloads.
LAUNCH SPECIAL Get free hardware for video calls on your TV with Pluot Pro UPGRADE

Upgrade to Pluot Pro, for Teams & TVs

Pluot gives you 1-click meetings on your big screen and any laptop.


  • Audio participation. No login, download or plugin.
    1-click meeting links, which no other video conferencing supports. Unique to Pluot.
  • Audio participation. Audio participation.
    Dial-out from a Pluot room to a phone number.
  • Audio participation. Wireless content sharing.
    Share from your laptop to the conference room big screen, with no cables.
  • Audio participation. 1 or 2-TV support.
    You can plug a Pluot box into 1 or 2 TVs. Unique to Pluot.
  • Audio participation. 2-simultaneous screen shares.
    Pluot lets you see 2 screens at the same time. Any participant can screen share. Unique to Pluot.
  • Audio participation. Wifi support.
    Pluot is the only big screen video conferencing that lets you connect over wifi. Unique to Pluot.
  • Audio participation. Slack integration.
    Create meetings quickly in Slack. See below.
  • Audio participation. Phone/Laptop Control.
    Control your Pluot TV with your smartphone/laptop. No more complicated remotes that disappear from the conference room.
  • Audio participation. No annual commitment, no support fees, no seat licenses.
    Pluot is the only big screen video conferencing with monthly billing.
Pluot Unbox

Launch Special

Free hardware for life,
free shipping, and free returns.
$50/month cancel anytime. $550/year, 60-day trial.

We send you your Pluot, an HD camera, a noise-canceling microphone, & cables. All for free. The only thing you need is a TV. Setup is easy
Not happy? Just send the hardware back within 60 days for a full refund.

Anyone can join a Pluot meeting

Meetings aren’t just box to box!
They can be any mix of Pluot box users & web users.
Pluot box to Pluot box Pluot box to Pluot box
Browser to browser Browser to browser
Mix of Pluot box/browser Mix of Pluot box/browser

Why Pluot?

  • Web Only (Hangouts, Skype)
  • Pluot ($)
  • Chromebox ($$)
  • HighFive ($$$)
  • Cisco/ Polycom/ etc ($$$$)

Why Pluot?

See why Pluot wins out when compared with other video conferencing tools.

download a side-by-side
No login, no plugins, no downloads. One-click meetings.
100% peer-to-peer - end-to-end encryption, higher-quality video.
Screen-share from two participants simultaneously.
Dedicated hardware, including high-quality camera and microphone, enables big-screen meetings.
Big-screen hardware can be plugged into 1 or 2 TVs.
Big-screen hardware supports WiFi.
Smart-phone/laptop control for big-screen hardware (no remote to lose).
External microphone (position mic wherever you want). EXTRA $$ EXTRA $$
No seat licenses required for laptop/remote users.
Pay monthly (no annual commitment required).

We designed Pluot with our peers in mind.

Friends & colleagues at lean companies with big ideas who work smart.

NO WAY would our peers buy old school videoconferencing. Too expensive, too frustrating.
Free services are limited and unreliable. They aren’t designed for the big screen.

So we built PLUOT.

It’s designed to give you beautiful, big-screen collaboration.
It’s affordable. It’s easy to buy & try, and easy to use.

Pluot with Slack

Want to drop meeting links into Slack?
Get seamless Slack integration with Pluot.
Type “/pluot” to generate your new, unique meeting link that lives forever. The Pluot meeting link is posted back to your Slack channel.
Colleagues can click to join immediately.

Add to Slack

Buy Pluot now for your conference room

Pay Monthly


per Pluot

Unlimited users, unlimited meetings.

Launch Special: We send you everything you need FREE (except a TV).

Cancel anytime. Just send us back the hardware. Cancel in 60 days for full refund.

Free hardware $600
Monthly service $50
Pay Yearly


per Pluot

Same as monthly, but save $50 per room every year.

60-day trial period. Send us back the hardware if you’re not completely satisfied for a full refund.

Free hardware $600
Annual service $550